Our history

Gioielleria Guidetti a historic jewelry store in the city centre of Bologna. Its main activity revolves around selling diamonds, second-hand jewelry (antiques and vintage), wedding rings, and goldsmithing services.

Gioielleria Guidetti was founded in 1926 in Via Lame, Bologna by Pietro Guidetti and his wife Maria Gamberini. At the beginning, the activity of the store mainly revolved around repairing watches, a job that was carried out by Pietro and many apprentices, some of which implemented the skills that they had acquired and opened, later on, their own craft and commercial businesses.

Pietro was an excellent watchmaker and watch repairer, so much that the Town of Bologna commissioned him for the maintenance of the clocks of the city, including the tower clock of the Town Hall in Piazza Maggiore.

In 1956, due to war damages on the building of the store, the activity was moved to Via San Felice 5 and since 1972 to its current location in Via Ugo Bassi 31/b.
Immediately after the war, Pietro’s son,
Franco, joined the business, at a later time assisted by his wife, Gianna Bonzagni. In that period of time the commercial and trading elements gained the upper hand over the artisanal activity, which nonetheless was kept alive.
After Franco’s untimely death, his son Mario and his daughter Caterina joined the business.

A few years ago Caterina’s son, Riccardo, also started working in the store after completing his studies, choosing to follow the path undertaken by his great-grandparents almost 100 years before.

In the last few years thanks to the gemological expertise of the owners and their employees, the commerce of gemstones and diamonds has started to accompany traditional sales. Our store is still a pivotal touchstone of Bologna but it also implemented online sales of diamonds, solitaires, wedding rings and second-hand jewels (antiques and vintage).

Our Philosophy

For four generations our family has experienced and lived through a century full of changes, mostly thanks to the consistency that has always distinguished us and to the fairness towards our clients. We have grown with the purpose of doing our job with utmost honesty.

For almost 100 years, generation after generation, our historic store has distinguished itself for our professionalism, honesty and competence.
We are the only jewelry in Bologna managed by accredited gemologists.
You can find us in our store in Via Ugo Bassi 31/b a Bologna or you can visit the online store .

Guidetti Bologna