What is an Eternity Ring?

It is more than just a ring, it can be called “fedina”, “veretta” in Italian or “rivière” in French. A line of gemstones is set along its circumference: in our case the setting is gold 18 ct (750 thousandths) with diamonds.
You can choose between two settings, 024 or 040, by clicking on the model that you prefer through the key “Access to configurator”. You will then decide the colour of the setting (white, pink or yellow gold), the type of gemstone (white or black diamonds) and the size of the finger. (Find out your finger size). Confirm all the steps by clicking “calculate combinations”. The program will then show you a list of the combinations of available gemstones based on dimensions/colour/clarity together with their respective final price.
It is fundamental that you know the size of your finger because it is hard to find the right measure for this model. The price changes according to the size, because a larger diameter implies a larger number of gemstones necessary to cover the circumference. The estimated price is therefore the exact result of the combination of the model, the finger size and the chosen gemstones.

Find out your finger size